Founded by a forward thinking industry leader; Multifamily.Loans, Inc. is among America's most respected capital markets advisory firms.


When we founded, Inc., we wanted to put the power back where it belongs: in the hands of real estate investors themselves. As we built our team, we took our years of experience in the multifamily real estate market to create an environment where honesty and integrity thrive; where we respect our clients and do everything we can to empower them and aid in achieving their goals.

Our team created HUD.Loans to make it easier for developers and investors to enjoy the benefits of HUD-insured multifamily financing while having all of the information about each FHA multifamily product at their fingertips. We’re committed to streamlining and simplifying the FHA insured debt procurement process for our clientele — creating realistic expectations, and changing the industry, one HUD-insured loan at a time.

We’re proud for HUD.Loans, Inc. and Multifamily.Loans, Inc., to be part of our parent company, Janover Ventures. Combining our expertise in capital markets, direct investments, digital media and technology — Janover Ventures is moving the needle in in a slow-to-change industry by democratizing an often complex space. Depth of knowledge coupled with obsessive customer service puts the Janover Ventures team at the cutting edge of capital markets and real estate advisory.

We hire the best people, track the latest technologies (building them where they don’t exist), and work tirelessly to overachieve on behalf of our clients.

Blake Janover
Founder and CEO
Janover Ventures


Headquartered in Miami Beach,, Inc. is assembling a network of user friendly, responsive and informative sites for investors and developers alike. By improving the multifamily and commercial lending process for borrowers across the United States, we drive down costs and increase returns for investors. To do this, we digitize as much of the process as possible. From docusign signatures to virtual underwriting, we’re committed improving the industry and setting new standards for efficiency, transparency, and customer service.



As the CEO of Janover Ventures, Blake Janover oversees the capital markets advisory, equity placement platform, digital and technology strategies for Janover Ventures and its family of sites including,,, and dozens of others (visit He is an honorary member of the 2019 Forbes Real Estate Council and is regularly published in Housing Wire and other industry trade-journals.

Throughout his career, Mr. Janover has overseen the underwriting and origination of billions of dollars of commercial, multifamily and residential real estate loans with a core competency in FHA insured debt, GSA financing, CMBS loans, bank, debt fund, and other similar vehicles. He has run lead on LP equity syndications and advised on secondary-market bond-pricing negotiations. Additionally, he has advised borrowers on hundreds of multimillion-dollar real estate transactions, including complex, multi-layered capital stacks and the re-positioning of large multifamily, hospitality and assisted living portfolios.

Mr. Janover’s recent ambitions involve making himself obsolete. Part of the Janover Ventures mission is developing a series of tools to create a self-service model for commercial and multifamily borrowers and sellers (IS), ultimately eliminating the need for traditional commercial real estate brokers, financial intermediaries, underwriters and processors. By leveraging neutral networks and intelligent underwriting and pricing models, the services will drive costs down while providing superior execution and transparency to the individual client (individual or institutional).

 Our People

The soul, the pumping heart, of any organization isn’t its ideas or its cash on hand; it’s not earnings growth or operating margins; and it’s not the technology or self-evolving algorithms powering automated decisions and processes — it’s the humans behind the company that power the culture, the vision and the execution of the ever-evolving mission. We are proud to say that we at Janover Ventures have a diverse group of incredibly smart, hard-working, ambitious, creative, innovate people engaged all over the globe for our cause and although it’s hard to mention everyone that has touched our organization in a meaningful way over the years and that continue to, below is a brief snapshot of the linear thinking analytical guys, the spacial thinking creators, and the hard-working, hyper-intelligent folks in-between that drive our real estate and capital markets advisory machine forward.


As the Founder & CEO of Janover Ventures and the creator of its brands including,, and others, Blake has led on the advisory of more than a billion dollars of commercial real estate capital markets transactions in the last decade and a half. He is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and frequently featured in trade publications. His experience includes debt, equity, complex multi-tiered capital stacks, analysis, deal structuring & negotiations and much more. Click here for more info on Mr. Janover.


Camilo Padron serves as a Director of Capital Markets for Janover Ventures. Camilo joined early in 2016 and has quickly risen to oversee all multifamily and commercial transactions in the small balance space. He has closed and advised on several hundred million in commercial and multifamily debt and equity transactions. Camilo is responsible for sourcing, negotiating, underwriting, and due diligence on capital markets transactions.


As a Director of Financial Analysis for Janover Ventures, Steven Jones brings his 30+-years of commercial real estate banking experience to the table. Steven has run capital markets divisions and commercial mortgage banking at institutions including Regions, GMAC, Wachovia, RBC and others during his career. His background includes extensive experience in underwriting, financial analysis, deal structuring, portfolio management, debt and equity procurement, complex waterfall structuring and much more.


As a Capital Markets Associate, Brandon Ramineh oversees underwriting, analytics and origination across various verticals in the Janover Ventures capital markets platform. His practice includes all asset classes from office, retail, industrial, multifamily, and healthcare to single family rental portfolios and 1-4 unit fix-and-flips. Mr. Ramineh works with lenders including private debt funds, banks, life insurance companies, and more.


As a Senior Financial Analyst for Janover Ventures, Robert Hudert is responsible for analyzing debt and equity opportunities and creating comprehensive lender and investor packages. He previously worked at BNY Mellon, and as an analyst at multiple private equity funds, where he worked on over half a billion dollars of transactions, gaining extensive experience modeling property cash flows, capital structures, and partnership waterfalls, as well as the sourcing, underwriting, disposition and closing of thousands of multifamily units.


Kathleen Yonce is responsible for commercial real estate development and investor sales. Ms. Yonce brings nearly two and a half decades of commercial real estate experience to her position. Over the course of her career, she has closed and managed over one million square feet of commercial properties valued at almost $1 billion.


As Janover Ventures’ Controller, Valerie Ford is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company’s internal finances, including accounting, reporting, payroll, and human resources. Ms. Ford also manages the firm’s tax compliance and planning, as well as helping with its longer-term financial strategy. She brings over 30 years of financial management, business management, and accounting experience to her role.


Matthew Sloley is a Content Marketing Manager and the lead SEO specialist for the brand of websites. Mr. Sloley incorporates cutting-edge marketing research and consumer trends data in order to create meaningful and transparent content that will educate and empower homeowners across the country.


As a Content Marketing Manager for Janover Ventures, Amanda Layman is responsible for coordinating new content marketing campaigns and on-boarding new team members. Ms. Layman is a digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience creating SEO-optimized B2B and B2C content. In addition to her content marketing expertise, she has also significant experience managing teams of creative professionals.


Alex Kerrigan is a Content Marketing Manager and the lead SEO practitioner for Janover Ventures. He’s committed to creating powerful content geared toward aiding commercial and multifamily real estate investors and developers in navigating an extremely dynamic capital markets landscape. Prior to joining Janover Ventures, Alex successfully created and managed multimedia content for clients in the financial, legal, and healthcare industries.


Victoria Griesdoorn, PhD, is the Project Manager for Janover Ventures, and is responsible for operations, project management, business strategy development, and business process management. Prior to joining Janover Ventures, Ms. Griesdoorn worked as a Project Manager for Google and was a doctorate-level research scientist in the biological and forensic sciences for over a decade. Victoria also has 4+ years experience as an editor and independent publisher.


As the Senior Software Engineer for Janover Ventures, Nikita is responsible for site augmentation, developing onsite marketing channels, and creating powerful tools for our clients, including cutting-edge financial calculators. Mr. Drozd is experienced in languages, extensions, and templates including less, sass, haml, swig.js (template engine), git, css3+html5,adaptive/responsive, svg, retina-ready, d3.js, Grunt.js (autoprefixer, uglify, swig etc.) gulp, and git.

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